Can Your Employer Reject Your Claim? A Workman’s Comp Attorney Macon Can Explain!

You may suddenly feel unable to meet your expenses after being injured on the job. Strangely, your employer may simply refuse to pay you the worker’s compensation for reasons best known to him. It is advisable to contact the best workman’s comp attorney Macon in such trying circumstances in order to get the dues that you are legally entitled to.

You could be surprised to learn that an employer can hope to get away without paying the injured or disabled employee and still remain on the right side of the law in a few exceptional circumstances. Do read the points below and get in touch with a qualified attorney as soon as possible to claim your rightful compensation.

When can an employer refuse to pay the worker’s comp legally?

The law refuses to grant any sort of compensation or benefits to the concerned employee when he/she is found to have:-

•    Been the cause of injury/disability/death on account of self inflicted wounds
•    Been intoxicated during the accident or incident thought to be the cause of injury
•    Been involved in fraudulent or criminal activities that resulted in grievous bodily harm
•    Forgotten to utilize the safety equipments that had been within close proximity
•    Failed to complete a task knowingly that had resulted in the injury


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