Initial steps to follow before filing a truck accident lawsuit in Georgia

Personal injuries or damage to properties is common in truck accidents. Victims of such accidents are entitled to compensation for damages caused to life and property. There are notable Georgia truck accident attorneys who could pursue the case on behalf of the victim. However, before approaching a lawyer certain preliminary formalities are needed to be done.

A police report

Police report is the most vital evidence of any truck or vehicular accident. Without this report accident lawsuits cannot be filed. Information that is needed to be furnished in a police report includes:
  • Name and contact number of the truck driver;
  • Name and contact information of trucking company in case the driver is an employee of that company;
  • Name of insurance company insuring the truck;
  • Name and contact details of witnesses to the accident;
  • Photos of the accident;
  • Local weather conditions such as rain, snow, storms, etc.
Taking photos

Photographs are strong evidences and must always be included in a police report. Photos of point of collision, truck driver, witnesses, damaged signs at site of accident, skid marks, and any outstanding features should be captured. 

Taking notes

Any truck accident lawyer in Macon would insist on notes taken at the site of accident. Remarks of witnesses; statements of truck driver; unusual sights at site of accident; details of vehicles involved like manufacturer, model, vehicle number, constitute invaluable notes.

This preliminary documentation is mandatory for any truck accident cases.   


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